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Top 10 Trap Innovators

dark figure in a fuck hat

In 2012, dubstep's star began to fade. Progressive house rose to dominate dance charts and trap music emerged as the subgenre to watch. In 2013, trap has carved a massive place for itself in the bass music community, with no intention to leave.

The rise of trap music was not an overnight success story. Hundreds of artists poured their souls into the genre before it was anything. Now, we're counting down the best trap artists who carried this sound from the underground to the mainstream.

10.  Mayhem x Antiserum

Mayhem and Antiserum | Top Trap Innovators

Both Mayhem and Antiserum have alway broke away from what's popular and tried new things. After coming together for the southern bounce meets g-funk “BayTL Dub EP,” the duo unleashed their breakthrough hit: "Bricksquad Anthem." There days, Mayhem and Antiserum continue to innovate within the crowded trap genre.

9.  gLAdiator

gLAdiator | Top Trap Innovators

Emerging from LA's crowded EDM scene, gLAdiator don't mess around. They broke out big name remixes. Then, they cemented their status with a free 11-track album NEW,” which offered an irresistibly crisp and original sound. Since their first release, the quality of gLAdiator's productions has never failed, allowing them to remain a fixture of clubs and festivals nationwide.

8.  Heroes x Villains

Heros and Villans  | Top Trap Innovators

Coming straight from the trap itself, this dirty south duo infuses their roots directly into their tracks. Heroes X Villains, started out remixing tracks such as Wacka Flocka's “Oh Let's Do It” and Diplo's “You Don't Like Me."  Then, they moved on to mega-hit originals such as "Original Choppaz.

7.  Carnage

Carnage | Top Trap Innovators

Carnage's remix of Hardwell's “Spaceman” redefined the limits of trap music. Known as "festival trap," his signature sound fused big room hits with a heavy dose of trap swagger like never before. Nowadays, Chipotle king Carnage has moved on to produce a sound more similar to the songs he used to remix.


6.  Brillz

Brillz | Top Trap Innovators


Without a question, Brillz'shot to fame because of his insane remix for Kill The Noise's “Roots," but he's certainly not a one hit wonder. Other key remixes and collaborations have kept his star shining bright. Brillz's debut album, "TWONK," advances the trap genre even further by crossing boundaries from new jack swing to moombahton.

5.  Baauer

Baauer | Top Trap Innovators

Before the Harlem Shake phenomenon,  Baauer was already on his way to stardom. His early productions, such as "Winter is All Over You,"  introduced groundbreaking sounds to the trap world. Baauer has helped paved the road to success for the trap music community, and will continue to do so in 2015 and beyond.


4.  Luminox

Luminox | Top Trap Innovators

Luminox made a statement in 2012 by championing the trap-style sound, a blend of trap and hardstyle elements.  His remixes of Sandro Silva's “Epic” and Bingo Player's “Rattle” have become staples in the trap game, and he continues to hone his production skills through numerous originals.


3. ƱZ

UZ  | Top Trap Innovators

Almost 3 years in the game and ƱZ's has never revealed his true identity. Nevertheless, anyone who loves trap music knows he's one of the best out there. His remixes are next level and his ŤɌ∆Ҏ ᶊῌῗ†" series is legendary for its minimal, yet ingenious approach to trill beats. Plus, most of his tracks are free!

2.  RL Grime

RL Grime | Top Trap Innovators

RL Grime started as just another side-project for Henry Steinway, but once fans caught wind of the game-changing remixes he was producing – things intensified fast. His remix of Kayne West's “Mercy” was an early rallying cry for the trap genre and his original productions are some of the freshest in the scene.

Even House producers are dropping RL Grime.  Why?  Because his music slaps!


1.  Flosstradamus

Flosstradamus | Top Trap Innovators

It was hard to put such an amazing group of producers into a top-10 list, but DJ duo Flosstradamus truly earned the number one spot. Their remix of Major Lazer'sOriginal Don is still played out today, and their use of Trap-A-Holics' “Damn Son Where'd Ya Find This” sample thrust the phrase into widespread popularity.

4 Responses


July 03, 2019

neat list


July 03, 2019

Good All His Songs

3BP Cloud
3BP Cloud

July 03, 2019

ya, I Already knew all of them except heroes x villians, and the tracks.keep it 100

Johnny Be Bad
Johnny Be Bad

May 23, 2018

Yo, Rell the Soundbender is the best. I don’t care who is most popular. His tracks are better the all 10 if these acts.

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