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5 Natural Alternatives to Molly

It is not hard to see why "Molly" has become a fixture of the EDM community. A dose of MDMA causes the user's brain to release serotonin, which induces euphoria, and its meth amphetamine component (the MA in MDMA) delays exhaustion.

However, the danger of Molly is twofold. First, MDMA is easily and frequently cut with cheap and often dangerous filler. Second, extended use can result in a number of health problems, such as overdose, dehydration, seizure, and brain damage.

Here at Into the AM, we believe in getting high music alone. But the one thing music won't do is keep you awake for an 8 hour dance marathon. Luckily, there are many natural stimulants that will keep you moving without compromising your health.

5. Ginseng & Ginkgo

Ginseng and ginkgo are two of the most stimulating herbs you can find. Both have been used in medicine for centuries and their effects have been well studied.

Ginseng lowers blood sugar and increases cognitive function, while ginkgo improves blood oxygen capacity and facilitates blood flow. When used in combination, these herbs boost energy, heighten mood, and sharpen focus.

Effective Form: Supplements | Dosage: 200 - 400mg & 100 - 250mg daily.

Precautions: Buy Panax "Asian" Ginseng, not less effective American Ginseng.

4. PEA (The Love Hormone)

Phenylethylamine (PEA) is a natural stimulant found in the human brain and in some foods, such as chocolate. When you are attracted to someone, the euphoria you feel is a result of your brain flooding with PEA, hence its nickname "the love hormone."

PEA works by stimulating the release of norepinephrine, which supercharges the body, and dopamine, which induces pleasure and euphoria. Everyone experiences PEA differently, but its most common effects are a heightened mood and enhanced appreciation for music.

Effective Form: Capsules | Dosage: 250 - 1000mg on an empty stomach.

Precautions: PEA has many negative side effects at high or habitual doses. Be smart.

3. FRS Energy

The only energy drink that we are willing to endorse is also endorsed by athletes from Tim Tebow to Christine Rampone. Free Radical Scavenger (FRS) is a blend of natural stimulants and antibiotics that provides a clean boost of sustained energy.

The active ingredient in FRS is Quercetin, a powerful antioxidant found in fruits such as apples and blueberries. Quercetin enhances the production of mitochondria, which produce energy in cells, and facilitates your body's natural production of energy. FRS is most popular for athletic training, but it can also keep you moving all night.

Effective Form: The whole FRS product line | Dosage: 1000mg per day.

Precautions: Start at a low dose (300mg) and work up to the full dose.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine is the world's most popular drug—and for good reason. Its natural stimulating effects are intense and studies suggest it even has health benefits.

Caffeine prevents the immune system from slowing down cellular activity and instead promotes the release of adrenaline and dopamine. It will keep you awake and dancing for hours, but continuos exposure can lead to tolerance and withdrawal symptoms.

Effective Form: Tea, Coffee, or Pills | Dosage: 100 - 200mg every 4 hours (as needed).

Precautions: Get your caffeine where it naturally occurs, not from energy drinks.

1. Guarana

Guarana seeds, which look like tiny eyeballs before they are harvested, contain twice as much caffeine as coffee beans. The seeds are roasted, dried, and crushed into a powder extract that has become a popular additive in energy drinks and weight loss supplements.

Although caffeine is its active ingredient, Guarana has been shown to provide a greater boost to both physical and cognitive performance than caffeine alone. And there is also evidence that supports its ability to regulate digestive health.

Effective Form: Capsules | Dosage: 200 - 800mg. No more than 3g daily.

Precautions: Start with a low dose and only take guarana in its natural form.


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Alison Veig
Alison Veig

May 23, 2018

Much better site then all the rest


May 23, 2018

Nice short to the point very informative. I thank you for this!

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