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Who is Twecker?

We love it when INTO THE AM can inspire people to express their passions and bring a community together, and that’s exactly what Twecker has done on Twitch with gamers. We sat down with Twecker (Zoom style) and asked him some questions on what inspires him most in the gaming community.

How did you get into gaming and Twitch?

I am Twecker or Mason. I am 20 years old and a college student studying Pre-Physical Therapy and I got into streaming because I had a love for video games and I wanted to experiment with making content for others! Since then I have focused on community building and creating a community around my content where everyone is welcome and work together to support each other.

What is your system of choice and why?

I mainly use my PC, however, the Nintendo consoles have a special place in my heart. With the Nintendo GameCube being my favorite as it holds a lot of great childhood memories

What is your favorite game to play?

Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild! I got it on release day and it's left a great impression on me and the replayability is amazing. In fact, in the next few weeks, I am going to be starting my first every Master Mode playthrough on my streams.

How has the gaming community impacted you?

Gaming has allowed me to make several life long friendships and also develop my content creation skills.

You also dabble in photography, how did you get into that?

I got into photography clear back when I would borrow my mom's DSLR camera in middle school. From there I took several classes to further improve my skills to now where I feel confident in trying to find a Photography position in the gaming industry!

What are you most passionate about?

Community building is hands down what I am most passionate about. I wanna be able to create communities that last forever and are able to support each other.

Besides that my personal interests and hobbies include Photography, Fashion Design, and supporting smaller content creators!

What’s your favorite INTO THE AM product?

Anything Team Electric!

Catch Twecker live streaming on the INTO THE AM Twitch Channel this Friday, July 24th between 3-5 pm PST.

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