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Snapback hats have a prominent share in modern fashion. They are a versatile, functional, and stylish addition to any look. Snapbacks have a flat, wide brim, with adjustable snaps at the back. So, no need to worry about size, that’s the best part! Snapback hats add a vibrant touch to your outfits and come in various colors and sizes. These hats have a fan-following through sports like baseball, hip-hop artists, and other celebrities. You can find snapback hats in several trendy and unique designs in the market. Who says it can only be worn during the day when the sun is out? Who says these hats are only sports accessories? Wear it to your favorite hip-hop artist’s concert to make a statement. Make that plain outfit pop with that funky hat, whether it’s plain, or whether it showcases a unique pattern, which somehow matches with most of your outfits. It is the perfect accessory to have in the summer. Did someone say these caps are fashionable, but also decrease the risk of getting sun-burnt? Yes, you got that right. To top it off, no need to stress about doing your hair. The snapback cap is here to the rescue! It’s edgy. It’s trendy. It’s sporty. It’s the must-have accessory for summer. It’s not your usual hat. It can be colorful if you want it to be. It’s sharp. It’s the one Tupac Shakur wears very often in his videos. It’s never too late to follow the trend. It’s one of the few items men and women, both, can wear and look great. But who was the first person ever to wear it? Who brought this snapback hat evolution to this world?

Who Invented Snapback Hats?

This hat’s fame originated from baseball players in the US. Initially, it was just a sports accessory for them. The first one, worn by the sports club called The New York Knickerbockers in 1849, was made from straw, unlike the snapback hats today. However, this hat changed form several times over the years, while one factor remained consistent. The snapback hats were and will always be used to place a team or brand logo. In 1858, The Brooklyn Excelsiors baseball team wore snapback hats that had a short brim. Eventually, baseball sports teams and their supporters across the country began wearing these new arrivals. When baseball emerged to prominence in the 1930s, entrepreneurs leaped at the opportunity to start a baseball hat venture. The first company was named New Era. They created The Gatsby hat, with a relatively smaller brim, for the Cleveland Indians. After 1954, the snapback hat has looked the same as it seems 6-panel today, with a short brim and flat bill (subject to variation depending on the company making them like Adidas, to Nike, to Puma).


When Did Snapback Hats Become Popular?

The snapback hat fame came in several different waves - the 1970s, 1980s,1990s, 2004, 2011, 2013, and now for various reasons. In 1978, baseball culture took over; hence, people felt inspired and began wearing baseball caps, now known as snapback or strapback hats, outside the MLB playing field. They were popular with baseball teams like the New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Boston Red Sox. In the 1980s, famous hip-hop artists adopted this accessory. Fans were quick to follow their footsteps. Moreover, in the 1990s, television shows like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air advertised these hats. Hip hop artists like Tupac and Ice Cube flaunted these hats in their music videos. So, naturally, they gradually found their way into day-to-day American culture. They then gained popularity in the NFL being worn on some of the best teams like the New England Patriots, the Denver Broncos, the Green Bay Packers, the New York Giants, and the San Francisco 49ers.


Which Celebrities Are Known for Wearing Snapback Hats?

The snapback hat is an icon in urban style and is considered a symbol of hip hop and youth fashion almost everywhere. Once this item was included in celebrity culture, snapback hats started trending. Soon enough, the majority of society got pulled into the buzz of the unique adjustable snapback hats. It was not just limited to sports fans anymore. You didn't have to be a fan of the Chicago Bulls, the Golden State Warriors, the Houston Rockets, or the Los Angeles Lakers. If anything, they looked super cool - during any time of the day, for almost any event. Celebrities were seen wearing them during their errands. Fans became incredibly influenced and followed suit.


What Are Trucker Hats?

Trucker hats are often confused with snapback hats due to their similarities. They have quite a few differences. They are one of the types of baseball caps. The distinguishing factors are the breathable, plastic mesh, and the height being taller compared to other hats or caps. They also have a rounded rim and foam inside the caps. However, both are adjustable with the snap at the back of the caps. Trucker   hats are mostly worn by working men like mechanics, plumbers, truckers, loggers, farmers, spectators at tractor pulls, etc. These unique hats gained recognition and popularity in the 1970s and 1980s when agricultural companies realized their advertising potential. They are also referred to as “gimme caps” or “feed caps,” as they were promotional giveaways from the US farming supply companies to rural workers in the 1960s. Trucker hats are cheaper to produce than snapback hats; thereafter, companies like Budweiser and Mountain Dew, to name but a few, advertised these hats with their logos. They became increasingly popular in hip-hop, pop-punk and skater sub-cultures, over the years.


What Types of Casual Men’s Clothes or Styles Look Good With a Hat?

The pattern of the hat can also be matched with the design of your shirt, your pants, or even your sneakers. Otherwise, you can also wear a white snapback cap with a basic t-shirt, and jeans or shorts. These hats look good with almost any outfit, as long as it is worn casually. Fortunately, the snapback hats do not discriminate based on gender. They are unisex hats and look equally fantastic on both when worn casually. They can be worn in many different ways - sideways, backward, and with the rim facing the front. Each style has its perks. If you want to go for a calm and edgy vibe, then you could wear it backward. If you are feeling groovy, then you could wear it sideways. If you like the basic look, then the rim facing the front is the way to go.


Tops and Outfits That Women Can Wear With a Snapback Hat

Women can add a hat to their overall casual look of the day. Make simple jeans and a plain T-shirt or crop-top look stand out with an off-color or printed hat. Complement a white dress, with white sneakers and a snapback hat, is worn backward. Wear a plain black snapback with the denim-on-denim look (denim jacket and denim pants). Own that oversized sweatshirt, hoodie or T-shirt, and accessorize it with a snapback hat. For the pop-punk vibe, bring a graphic T-shirt to the mix, and match it with a hat. Apart from making a fashion statement, hats are quite functional too. You can wear hats both for aesthetic and practical purposes as it can fit almost every fashion trend. People generally wear hats for the following reasons.

• Are you having a bad hair day? Are you too lazy to do your hair today? Say no more! Just wear a cap, and voila! Effortless, yet complete look for the day.

• Snapback hats do not make you sweat either. So it’s a win-win for the hot weather, especially if you want to play sports!

• To top it off, yes, these caps are ideal for protection against the sun’s rays that can damage your skin. Say yes to avoiding sunburns, melisma, and early onset of crow’s feet.

• This one is for the people who dislike the idea of trying new patterns or prints when it comes to clothes. Experimenting with prints when it comes to accessories like caps, is safer than experimenting with embellished clothing. It’s a smaller item, and it brings attention to your beautiful face!

• Wearing a hat can significantly transform the overall vibe of your outfit. Snapback hats and trucker hats are the perfect accessories for the summer. They add an effortless yet instantly cool vibe to any outfit. You can always find the best hat for yourself by selecting the one that suits your style and personality. Would you consider buying these caps? Does it match your taste? Does it fit your style? If the answer is yes, say no more! You can find the best snapback hats with matching outfits here. Check out the full collection. Buy a plain colored cap, or fun printed one. The choice is yours!


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