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We’ve come a long way since our launch in February 2012 (technically it was January 31, 2012, but who’s counting?) We’ve experimented with a lot of styles over the last 8 years, and let’s just say we basically lived in galaxy print and psychedelic designs for a while. We’re constantly evolving through artistic expression, but one thing has always remained a constant, and that’s our love of graphic tees

Did you know that our first clothing launch consisted of three different graphic tee designs? It’s true...Who can forget Party Panda, Squid, and our Signature Astronaut who started it all? Good times!

Since then, our team of artists has created numerous fun and imaginative designs within a focus primarily on space, the universe, and astronauts. 

Most of our concept inspiration stems from different styles of tattoos. Anything from black and white, geometric, to all American, and everything in between. Tattoos are some of the most imaginative pieces of art and what’s lead us to the main three graphic design styles we have today: Line Style, Clean Vector, and a Combo of the Two.

Line Style:

Our tried and true Universal Love falls under this category, as well as favorites like Planetary Countdown and Astroreaper. Much like tattoos, our team of artists uses the concept of highlights and shadows to create a subject without too much detail but enough to know what you’re looking at. 

Clean Vector

Big, bright, clean, and colorful is how we like to describe this graphic design style. Like Push Through and Step Beyond, these designs are very detail-oriented and have a lot of eye-catching colors, much like traditional style tattoos. 

Combo of Both:

Sometimes combining two styles can lead to greatness, and that’s what’s happened with newer graphic designs like Astro Babe, which was inspired by the classic pinup tattoo style. This type of design still has bright and bold colors but is also more sketchy looking and unrefined. 

So now here’s the real question...Which #ITAMfam design will be your next tattoo? Share and tag us on Instagram @intotheam

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