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Once upon a time, hats were made to protect the head from sunlight. Today, it has become a fashion that keeps recycling. Just think of some of the previous hat trends: strapback hats, trucker hats, visors, beanies, etc. They all come and go! From day to day activities like fishing or sports dad hats have come to stay, permanently. Perhaps you didn’t know their name, although you have seen people wearing them several times. So, what are dad hats, and are they still fashionable today? This post will answer all your questions about this fashion accessory—and more.

Calling dad hats a trending fashion is debatable. The reason is that they have always been with us. However, you can always argue that their style has evolved over the years. The demand for dad hats has been on the rise, likewise the number of retail outlets like INTO THE AM where you can get them. What makes many dad hats stand out today is their inspiring prints or texts. Keep reading to find out the answers to your FAQs about dad hats.

What Are Dad Hats?

Dad hats or floppy caps are similar to baseball hats or baseball caps. Vintage dad hats will never go out of fashion. They are usually low profile canvas, twill, or cotton caps with a slightly curved brim. So, why are they called dad hats? The answer is simply because they were worn by dads. In the past, the cap was widely used among dads, senior citizens, and retirees.

In this new era, teens and young adults rock it for one of two reasons. It is either they are using it as a fashion accessory to complement their look or they are using it to cover their bad hair. Unlike the name may suggest, dad hats are unisex and one-size-fits-all. Both boys and girls wear them. Some of the reasons that make dad hats endearing to the younger generation include:

  • In the right color, they blend with any outfit or environment
  • Covers up a bad hair day and channel people’s attention to a particular style
  • Dad hats can be printed or adorned with unique objects to make them more personal
  • They are both comfortable and stylish

How Do Dad Hats Differ from Snapback Hats?

An amateur can easily mistake dad hats for a snapback hat from a distance. Although they look similar, they still have striking differences. It may be safe to say that snapback hats are designed for youngsters. Their major difference from dad hat is that they have a plastic strip with small holes at the back for adjustment in order to get the perfect fitting. Black caps with a snapback are what rappers mostly rock. Below are key differences between a dad hat and a snapback hat.

  1. Closure: Dad hats make use of a metal closure that is similar to a buckle while a snapback hat makes use of a plastic closure.
  2. Brim: Dad hats have a curved brim that looks like a crescent. The snapback hat, on the other hand, has a flat and wide brim.
  3. Design: Dad hats have a loose-fitting 5-6 panel but snapback hat features a flat brim 6-7 panel.
  4. Sticker: With Dad hat, the sticker is optional but the case is different with snapback hats which always includes a sticker. This might be a tricky feature to rely on in differentiating both hats.
  5. Panel Angle: Dad hats have a front panel that is made of soft material curved at an obtuse angle in relation to the brim. Snapback hats have a hard front panel that is almost perpendicular to their brim.

What Makes Dad Hats from Into The AM Unique?

It is always important to examine the material of your dad hat. The dad hat from Into The AM is made from lightweight fabric and structured for maximum comfort, regardless of the condition. The combination of the adjustable strap back and breathable eyelets allow you to personalize your comfort. Into The AM also has the reputation of offering dad hats in varying colors (we are talking more than denim or camo here) making it easier for you to find your muse.

Beyond the colors and unique style, Into The AM offers dad hats with an embroidered logo design that tends to improve your style. What is the point of trying to blend in when you can stand out and stand tall? Imagine what it feels like to be the epitome of attraction. That is what rocking a fashionable dad hat can help you to achieve.

3 Ways to Wear a Dad Hat

  • Sports: Sportspeople, particularly baseball players and golfers, love to wear dad hats—and it makes them look cool and focused. Rocking a white dad hat with a two-piece tracksuit and a pair of sneakers immediately puts you in the mood. For the aforementioned sports, it can shade the player’s eyes from sun rays which helps them to better focus on the ball. If you have rich flapping hair, a dad hat can keep them in place when you are going for a routine morning jog so that you feel less distracted.
  • Casual: On the days when you want to appear casual (like when you are heading for the beach), dad hat can complement your look and style. Rock a black dad hat with a T-shirt or hoodie and a pair of tapered jeans trousers or shorts and finish off your exotic look with a pair of trainers. If the weather is cold, you can include a cool jacket to the picture and have the girls drooling over you.
  • Smart: Tech geeks have normalized wearing a dad hat with a tuxedo. Dad hats have gradually found their way into smart dressings among men and women and they work perfectly if you get the colors right. Wearing a dad hat is particularly important when your hairstyle might undermine your appearance or send a different message from what you intend.


When you want to buy a dad hat, make sure you pay attention to the detail. Neutral to black or navy blue colors are better because they blend well with most outfits and colors. Pay attention to the details including the material and the size adjustment. Bear in mind that the coolest dad hats are not necessarily the costliest. Don’t let the name sway you. Dad hat is for everyone.


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