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Hoodies never go out of style. They have a way of allowing you to decide your mood. They may not be overly fashionable, but they are comfortable and come handy when you want to stay discrete or look youthful. However, the rise of graphic hoodies is changing that narrative. In the past, hoodies were strictly for use during the winter or when the weather is a bit cold.

Today, there are numerous hoodie designs, embellished with stunning graphics that are making them more acceptable among young adults. Interestingly, most of the newer hoodies can be worn at any time, irrespective of the season. But what exactly are hoodies, and where can you get the best graphic hoodies? Find the answer to all your nagging questions below.

What Exactly Is a Hoodie?

As the name suggests, a hoodie is a jacket, jumper, or pullover sweatshirt with a hood. Sweatshirts & hoodies are mostly casual and sometimes designed as sportswear. When used as sportswear, it is usually accompanied with sweatpants or leggings. Hoodies are both comfortable and warm. The hand is fitted with a band that helps to trap heat. Two straps under the crewneck allow you to loosen or tighten the hood. Hoods can also serve as head warmers during cold weather when paired with skinny jeans. Many hoods come with two large pockets by the torso where the wearer can hide their hands to keep them warm. Zip hoodies have a zipper so you can easily take them on and off. They are largely unisex, although there are some minor differences between women's graphic hoodies and men's graphic hoodies. 

Outfits to Wear With Graphic Hoodies

Styling a graphic hoodie is easy as long as your intent is to look casual. You can pair it with denim or chinos and sneakers for a refreshing look. Perhaps the best way to wear a graphic hoodie is to layer it on top of other pieces like short sleeve tees, tank tops, cardigans, or even swimsuits and swimwear if you're looking for a quick cover up! However, not all outfits can work with a hoodie. So, how will you know what will or will not work? That is why we are here to give you heads up. Nevertheless, bear in mind that the list below is not exhaustive. You can get creative with your styling—who knows. You might just create the next trend.

  • Hoodie and coat: Coats are versatile. They blend well with corporate or formal wear as well as casual wear. Perhaps, it is because their main aim is to keep warm in a stylish way. While most men are comfortable wearing a coat with a tuxedo, they simply don’t know that they can work for informal settings too. Interestingly, a double-breasted coat can blend with graphic hoodies when you want to loosen up for the weekend. Now, drape a brown or black coat over a graphic white hoodie and see how coolly-casual it looks. Remember to round off your style with a pair of loose pants like men’s joggers and white sneakers.
  • Hoodie and bomber jacket: A retro bomber jacket is a signature urban lifestyle but have you ever thought of pairing it with the casual look of graphic hoodies? This combo merges the urban city lifestyle with subtle athleisure culture. You will appreciate this combination better during the winter when you need a little more warmth around your torso and head. The leather, wool, or nylon bomber, will stay on the outside while the hoodie will be on the inside. For a youthful look, leave the bomber zipped down. If you choose a bomber and a hoodie with matching colors, it will almost feel like a single garment when the bomber is zipped to the top.
  • Hoodie and ripped jeans: Craving for the gangster look? Now you can! A combination of ripped jeans and a black hoodie is all you need. Add accessories like chain necklaces, bandanas, or a backpack with white sneakers, and you will be the center of attraction—or suspicion as the case may be. Don’t worry, by wearing a broad smile and a cheerful face. You will dispel any ill-feeling that may revolve around you.
  • Hoodie and short shorts: Make no mistake, hoodies are not for men alone. Instead of being uncomfortable in pieces like rompers, jumpsuits, bikinis, and lingerie, girls can rock graphic hoodies with style by pairing it with denim shorts. This stylish look is completed with white sneakers and allows the lady to flaunt her long sexy legs. This outfit is great for any casual setting, including parks, hiking, or fishing.
  • Hoodie and leather jacket: Leather jacket generates enough warmth that keeps cold at bay during winter. However, it can quickly become uncomfortable to wear. To make it more comfortable, wear it on a hoodie. In addition to keeping you warm, the combo is sleek and stylish. A black biker jacket will blend-in with pullover hoodies irrespective of the design. Kill off the look with blue denim jeans for an urban feel or loose-fitting joggers for a sporty touch.
  • Hoodie and denim jacket: Denim jackets have become synonymous with the vintage urban lifestyle. A grey graphic hoodie with denim is simply stunning. Interestingly, there is a large collection of denim jackets for you to choose from. However, if you are rocking a crew neck sweatshirt with elaborate design, your best bet for a flawless color blend would be a blue denim jacket.
  • Hoodie and shearling jacket: You will only be able to pull this off if the weather is extremely cold. The reason is that the shearling jacket is thick and heavy—likewise, your hoodie. Even if you succeed in combining both, make sure you stick with light colors. Black colors absorb light, retain heat, and tend to look heavier. Light colors will lighten the look. This combo can pair with any type of pants to complete a unique style.
  • Hoodie and parka jacket: When you pair hoodie with parka jacket in winter, you will get total protection from adverse conditions like rain, wind, and cold. Pairing your hoodie sweatshirt with joggers or sweatpants will extend the insulation from cold to the lower part of your body.

Where to Buy the Best Graphic Hoodies

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Newer hoodies are heavy enough to provide warmth during winter while also being breathable enough to feel comfortable during summer. Graphic hoodies are versatile and can pair with most pants. However, you need to be creative when mixing colors—if your aim is to be fashionable.


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