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It’s officially hoodie season! Well, it has been for a while, but there’s no time like the present to stock up on this essential. Hoodies are where comfort and style meet. From timeless favorites to eye-catching Graphics, we’re here to make sure your hoodie game is strong. 

At INTO THE AM, we take men’s hoodies seriously. While we have plenty of favorite hoodies for men, nothing beats a classic look like what you’ll get with our Basic Hoodie 

Here are 6 reasons why our Basic Hoodie will be your best hoodie and go-to piece to get you through every season. 

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It’s warm — 

First things first, hoodies are supposed to be warm. But, have you ever thrown on a hoodie that just doesn’t cut, leaving you cold and seriously regretting your life decisions? 

Yeah, we’ve been there. Fortunately, we’ve got your body temperature covered. Our Basic Hoodie provides warmth when you need it most, whether while you’re walking home from the gym, on a Zoom call at work, or enjoying a night out with a special someone. 

— but it’s also breathable.

Some men’s hoodies might give you the warmth you need, only to leave you sweating and uncomfortable if you change up your location or thermostat setting. 

Never fear — our Basic Hoodie is the best hoodie because it’s designed to be both breathable and comfortable. This means that your transition from the gym to your apartment or from your freezing cold basement to your somehow always warm bedroom won’t make you want to rip off your hoodie immediately. 

It’s soft (like, really soft).

At INTO THE AM, we’re all about premium fabric. Our Basic Hoodie isn’t just soft — it’s really, really soft. You’ll love the comfort this hoodie offers you, no matter how many times you wash it. 

Be warned, though — the softness of this hoodie makes it prone to theft from well-meaning girlfriends and siblings. We suggest keeping this hoodie hidden from plain sight. 

It’s stylish.

Being comfortable is one thing, but feeling confident is another. Fortunately, our Basic Hoodie does both. Not only will you want to lounge in your hoodie, but you’ll always want to show it off on a first date, during a night out with friends, or at work. 

This hoodie is simple — but seriously stylish. What more could you want?

It’s tailored to your body.

Some hoodies look like they’ll fit right, only to have you looking like a marshmallow or otherwise unflattering object. You want your hoodie to fit right, and our Basic Hoodie’s tailored fit ensures you look put together, sleek, and very much not like a marshmallow. 

It’s pre-shrunk.

Once you fall in love with our Basic Hoodie, you won’t want it to change after washing it. That’s why we make our hoodies for men pre-shrunk. No more surprises after that first, second, or thirtieth wash. Your hoodie will be your go-to clothing item for years to come — we promise. 

There it is — some of the many reasons our Basics Hoodie is one of the best men’s hoodies out there, and why should make its way to your closet, dresser, or wherever you store clothes, today. 

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