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Athleisure is trending and millennials are driving it! At the heart of this trend is men’s joggers. This piece of clothing is giving chino pants, cargo pants, and jeans manufacturers a run for their money. Once upon a time, men’s joggers were used only as activewear for sports. However, newer designs and revolutionary styling have made it possible for men to add it to their wardrobe strictly for fashion purposes. But, are they still in style and how should they fit? This article will tell you all your FAQs about men’s joggers.

What You Need to Know About Joggers

Jogger pants are made of lightweight comfortable materials. They taper to the ankle and tend to have an athletic and slim fit similar to track pants. Joggers are still in style and their rise in demand is due to the boom in an athleisure culture that features sweatshirts, leggings, and loungewear outside of the gym and home. In the past, they may seem out of shape but that has changed thanks to new arrivals in style. When styled correctly, they can blend with other types of clothing and accessories like dad hats, button-down shirts, and backpacks. Thanks to the rising trend, there is now a flurry of designs to choose from.

What Makes Men’s Joggers from INTO THE AM Different?

You probably know that INTO THE AM has a knack for galaxy and psychedelic designs. They have brought the same inspiration to their men’s joggers collection. No two joggers on the collection have the same design. Interestingly, their range of galaxy print joggers are custom-made such that you will not find them anywhere else—talk about being the center of attraction in a crowd.

The collection of joggers available at INTO THE AM are made with breathable and ultra-soft fabrics that maintain maximum comfort in any condition. Perhaps, you don’t like elaborate designs. There is the new side print collection made with people like you in mind. When it comes to staying fashionable, even the teeniest print size has a huge role to play. There are even logo joggers to show off your favorite brands. 

The Difference Between Joggers and Sweatpants

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that joggers and sweatpants are the interchangeable names of the same type of men's pants. Well, that is not true. Depending on the designer, both of them may or may not look the same. However, there are two key differences that separate a jogger from sweatpants.

  • Material: Joggers are made of soft cotton which makes the finish light and breathable making them perfect training pants. Sweatpants are usually fleece pants that are denser and thicker with a casual drawstring waist.
  • Shape: The shape of joggers and sweatpants also differ significantly. While joggers tapper to from the waist down to the ankle, sweatpants tend to have a shapeless design.

In some jogger designs, the slimming is kicked up a notch. Slim fit joggers are very tight at the calves with wider thighs that give them a balloon-like appearance. We must warn that this is not for everyone. If you think you cannot pull it off, stick with the classic jogger sweatpants.

Types of Joggers

The way a jogger is cut will usually determine what it is intended to be used for. There is no strict rule that prohibits one type of jogger from being used for another purpose. Rather, these distinctions are often a matter of creating diversity within a given product. Find below the popular types of joggers.

  • Lounge joggers: One of the best ways of shutting off and getting refreshed from the bustling weekly activity is to sprawl on a sofa, flipping through the pages of a thriller novel. Lounge knit joggers are comfortable with a loose cut and create the right airiness for that perfect moment.
  • Sports joggers: Sports joggers are the slimmest in the range but still manage to maintain their comfort and elegance. You can argue that the original aim of joggers was for sports. Unlike a tracksuit, sports joggers allow you to hit the gym in a luxurious style.
  • Casual joggers: These joggers can come handy on the day you want to appear casual. They give your legs a break from the choking effect of denim. Casual twill jogger pants are designed to be smart so that you can easily wear them with a shirt without raising eyebrows on your sanity.

How to Wear Joggers

Joggers are selective in the kind of cloth or footwear you can pair with them—for those who love to stay fashionable. Not every type of footwear or cloth blends with joggers. If you have been wondering how to wear your men’s joggers, here is a clue.

Wearing Joggers With Footwear

Joggers are generally casual and your footwear should depict that too. The wrong choice of shoes can shift your style from tasty to trashy. There is no reason to be scared because we know exactly what works.

  • Sneakers: A clean pair of white sneakers will always blend with your any type of joggers. There are different sneaker designs and this gives you’re the luxury of changing your look as often as required.  
  • Loafers: If you must wear a pair of loafers, make sure that they have a matching color with your joggers—especially if you are feeling nervous.
  • Boots: Men’s joggers blend well with boots. Boots particularly come handy if you want to give a tough impression.

Wearing Joggers With Other Outfits

Joggers easily pair with other sportswear but that doesn’t mean you are condemned to looking like a gym trainer. There are probably a dozen or more outfits in your wardrobe that can pair seamlessly with men’s joggers.

  • T-shirt: Men’s joggers are naturally casual—and so are T-shirts. Therefore, they always blend together irrespective of the color or design. Just make sure that you are rocking a close-fitting T-shirt. There are even cargo joggers that have a bit more style. 
  • Track jacket: The foremost intent of joggers was for sports. Therefore, it is not surprising that it pairs well with a track jacket.
  • Hoodies: Fleece jogger pants pair well with classy or graphic hoodies—and there is a large collection out there for you to make a fashion statement.


If you want to pair joggers with a jacket, we would recommend shorter jackets like the biker or bomber jackets. One of the places where you will find a rich collection of best seller men’s joggers is INTO THE AM. Endeavor to keep the overall look relaxed and casual. Complete your look with a bold infectious smile to charm your way into people’s hearts.


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