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The world of fashion is ever-evolving, and every style enthusiast always does their best to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. The way you dress no doubt plays a massive role in depicting your personality. People who wear well appear more attractive and confident. Graphic tees are one of the latest best-seller trends, and they’ve taken the fashion world by storm since their launch in the industry. Men’s graphic tees are all the rave these days. Graphic tees are T-shirts with unique images, quotes, and illustrations. The reason Graphic T-shirts have gained so much popularity is not only their unique style but also the fashion statement they help to create. Vibrant colors and beautiful illustrations make Graphic tees stand a class apart from other types of shirts. Long gone are the days when boring plain clothes were considered classy for men. The modern world is all about art, bright colors, and unique designs.


When Did Graphic Tees First Come Into Style?

Many people love graphic shirts. They are popular among all shapes and sizes and are a great way to appear bold and fabulous. Even though graphic tees are making waves in the fashion industry, they’ve actually been around for a long time. If you’re wondering about the history of graphic tees, these shirts appeared in the markets a long time ago. The first graphic shirt is said to have been printed in the 1940s when the advanced printing process and more high-quality inks were introduced. But they got popular among people in the 1960s. With time, their fame grew and won millions of hearts. Today, graphic shirts are considered trendy garments that exhibit a unique sense of style.


Are Men’s Graphic Tees Cool?

Can men wear graphic shirts? Are they cool? Of course, they are. The 21st century has changed the perception of style and fashion among people. Once preferred and iconic plain shirts are now considered boring. Men especially have benefitted from this change of trends and can make bold fashion statements with the help of graphic shirts. Men’s graphic tees don’t only look cool, but also make them stand out at parties, trips, and raves. Everyone has the right to appear top-notch when it comes to fashion. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. The fashion trend is for everyone, and so are graphic tees! INTO THE AM provides a variety of different styles to choose from! Get yourself a graphic shirt right away!


Graphic Shirts and Celebrities

Celebrities and fashion are the two things that are always connected. The popularity of men’s graphic tees is not limited only to general people. Many stars are fond of these shirts as well. Often, your favorite celebs are found rocking the men's graphic t-shirt look. From Ryan Gosling to David Beckham, everyone has been flaunting their fabulous shirts with style and confidence. From images of former superstars to bold classic statements, celebrities consider graphic shirts a bold fashion statement. If you follow celeb trends, it is high time to get a graphic shirt now! Don’t hesitate to try out new refreshing styles and get the boost of confidence you desire!


When Should I Wear a Graphic Tee?

For those who are not aware of the wonders and glam of graphic shirts, their use at events can be a bit confusing. However, once you get hold of some “whens” and “hows,” it doesn’t remain a difficulty anymore. Graphic shirts can be worn on many events. Their use is versatile. Yet, if you’re confused about where you can wear a colorful graphic shirt, here are some options:

  • Tie-dye graphic tees are a perfect outfit at raves while enjoying the lights and music with your friends Music parties and friend gatherings should be fun!
  • Wear pop culture designed graphic tees to look tremendous and rock the day
  • Graphic tank tops and short sleeve t-shirts for men are perhaps the best outfits for long drives around the coasts and trips to the beach
  • Wear these shirts at semi-formal gatherings to appear bold and different
  • Stand out while going out at public places or during your morning walk with the help of short sleeve graphic shirts
  • Having a coffee on a Sunday with friends? Wear a crew neck graphic tee shirt and look more attractive

How to Wear Graphic Tees – Men’s Style Guide

People often ask what kind of pants can they wear with graphic tees or if they can wear a blazer with them. The answer is, styling graphic tees is not challenging at all. If you’re a man and aren’t aware of styling techniques, all you need are some tips to style graphic tees. It isn’t that difficult to choose a suitable outfit. Here’s a men’s guide on how to pair graphic tees up with other clothes and accessories ranging from leggings to hoodies: Wear men’s graphic tees with your jeans on a regular day Pair the graphic shirts with pants and a coat for a fantastic semi-formal look – perfect for dinners and coffee dates Get an airy blazer with your colorful shirt and appear super appealing If you’re on a trip to exotic areas, pair your shirt with your favorite swimsuit bottoms Add some men’s accessories with graphic shirts and head to a club Wear graphic shirts with your sports trousers and look super cool during your squash game


3 Coolest Graphic Tees to Wear This Summer

With summer and scorching heat, it is essential to appear great while wearing comfortable and light clothes. Lucky for you, graphic shirts are the best for summer-wear. They are super soft and light. Besides, the ways to wear the graphic t-shirt trend is on the rise this sunny season. Do you want to know what shirts will be best for you to wear this summer? Here are the three coolest shirts from INTO THE AM in the top trends for this season: Tree of Life Men’s Tee Available in seven different sizes, this graphic shirt is a must-have for the summer season. The fabric is super soft, and the strand of DNA in forming a tree is bound to make your look appear more lively. The bright neon colors on the white background make it perfect to wear on a sunny day. This vibrant colored shirt is ideal, especially for biology lovers! Astro Arcade Glow in the Dark Men’s Tee This t-shirt is the best for summer night parties and gives a fantastic look by glow-in-the-dark patterns. Say goodbye to dull and boring clothes and get a glow-in-the-dark graphic shirt now! With soft, comfortable fabric, this one is among the most popular. Asteroids and space rocks give you a dreamy look inspired by the galaxy. You can get this shirt from INTO THE AM anytime! Summer Islands Men’s Tee This t-shirt has everything you need to look amazing in the summer season as a great alternative to rompers, bodysuits, and jumpsuits. With an exotic print, the Summer Islands Men’s Tee will surely make you appear more charismatic and stylish. It is perfect for your sunny weather trips or vacation to the Maldives. It is breathable and gives you the best of both worlds. Get this fabulous Summer Islands Men’s T-shirt right away! You won’t regret it!


What Size of Graphic Tee Should I Wear?

The size of the men’s graphic tees depends on two things, i.e., your physique and the style you are opting for. If you’re interested in looking good at semi-formal events and raves, a graphic shirt that fits your body but isn’t too tight is the best for you. Make sure the shirt you buy fits you correctly. It should enhance your body’s features in the right way. However, if you want to enjoy a regular day at the beach with a baggy style look, you can go for a shirt a few inches larger than your size. Having a sense of style is a must when it comes to styling graphic shirts. Loose graphic tees are attractive and classy at the same time.


Final Notes

Graphic shirts are one of the most trending shirt styles worldwide. They are loved by millions and are among the top celebrity wear. With different styles, unique colors, and bold images, graphic tees are iconic. If you’re tired of the boring old clothes and want to add a pop of neon colors to your life, get graphic tees right away! INTO THE AM is renowned for providing the most aesthetic graphic shirts made from soft quality fibers. With a massive variety of styles, men can look fabulous wearing their shirts. If you don’t have Men’s graphic tees in your wardrobe, order one now from INTO THE AM!


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