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When it comes to T-Shirts, comfort is key. 100% Cotton tees have been at the top of the ranks for comfort pretty much throughout time, and there is good reason for that. They're soft and breathable... what more could you ask for? Well, a few things. That's where polycotton comes in.

We know what you're thinking...anything with polyester is stiff, rough, and hot, right?

Not exactly. We're here to fact check and clear polycotton tees' bad rep once and for all:

Q: Which t-shirt lasts the longest?

A: Polycotton. Did you know polycotton fabric is resistant to wear and tear? Because of the strong polyester fibers, you can wash a polycotton tee over and over without losing it's shape.

Q: What t-shirt holds color the longest?

A: Polycotton. Another benefit of its high durability. Color doesn't fade on polycotton tees, so you can be just as vibrant as ever.

Q: Which fabric is more prone to shrinking?

A: 100% Cotton. One of the biggest downsides of this fabric, but polycotton blends fix this issue. The combination of the durable polyester component helps to prevent shrinking while the cotton component maintains its softness.

Convinced yet? Check out our vibrant graphic designs on our buttery soft polycotton tees and see for yourself.

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