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When you think of skateboarding, you may not automatically think of fashion. But they actually go hand-in-hand. Not only does skateboarding influence fashion, but what you wear affects how well you perform on your board. 

Skateboarding can only truly be appreciated once you understand its influence on fashion, community, and culture. It can be easy to overlook the extremely high level of vigor and endurance it requires and shrug it off as a reckless hobby. Plus, many often forget the importance of skater fashion — both in terms of comfort and style. 

To start, skateboarding is finally starting to get the mainstream recognition it deserves as a sport, most recently being added to the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. Teetering on the edge of mainstream and underground, skateboarding continues to build momentum as a community, as Gen Z’er’s and Millennials propel into the sport. 

Skateboarders recognize skateboarders everywhere. Oftentimes, they are stereotyped as cliquey and picky, but it’s all in an effort to attain finesse. The community is changing and is more welcoming than ever. As long as you have a board tucked between your arm and torso, you’ll fit right in. A variety of dynamic aspects like style, skill, and sophistication consolidate in ways that are unique to each skater and his/her journey within it. 

What’s more, skateboarding fashion has taken off as a part of the sport. Whether it’s what to wear skateboarding or how to decorate your board, skateboard fashion is just as much about looking the part as feeling it. 

Nick Hanson is a Florida native who discovered his passion for skateboarding unexpectedly in his adulthood. Now, five years in he's completely immersed in the community and the sport that continues to fuel his fire.

Here’s his take on skateboarding, the learning process, and outfitting your passion for true skate fashion.

INTO THE AM: “Why do you love skateboarding?”

NICK: “Well, skateboarding is special to me because it actually brought my son and I together. The process of practice and learning really provided an invaluable bonding opportunity for us. It’s also a very welcoming and supportive community. I’ve not had one negative interaction when it comes to skateboarding, which is of course not the case with everyone but it provided me a safe space.”

INTO THE AM: “What’s your favorite aspect?”

NICK: “I like the difficulty and the challenge. Unlike a lay-up in basketball where once you’ve mastered it, it’s part of your repertoire, in skateboarding some days tricks work, and others, they just don’t. It relies on a lot of variables coming together to stick a landing, which makes it a challenge every time. I enjoy the learning process, I have no destination in mind. First, you master things like riding and rolling but everyone navigates it so differently. With three different disciplines of skateboarding; street, skate, or park, there’s a plethora of styles and skills to explore.”

There's definitely a style out there for everybody and Micaiah Harness' involves speed — lots of it. This skater takes speed skateboarding to another level and understands the vital role his clothes play in his passion.

INTO THE AM: “Why is clothing considered so important when skateboarding?”

MICAIAH: “Having clothes that are comfortable and flexible keeps you so much more locked in. It allows you to really focus your attention on the road rather than what’s on your body.”

INTO THE AM: “How does INTO THE AM help you meet those needs?"

MICAIAH: "INTO THE AM provides a very wide range of clothes from comfortable Tees to Hoodies that are perfect for cooler mornings. I’m always comfortable, especially when I’m on my skateboard because the fabric is so light and breathable."

When skateboarding and fashion collide, fabric durability dominates the scene. Sure, skaters are picky about style, but a statement is nothing without functionality. Skateboarding outfits must be able to skaters comfortable both in how they look and feel. 

Pants, for example, need stretch to allow for movement and the ability to survive wear and tear. If you fall on asphalt, is that going to destroy your pants on day one at the park — or are they durable enough to stand up to the rigors of skateboarding? Joggers are a great way to meet this need. In fact, they made a resurgence this Fall for that very reason.

As for your skateboarding Hoodie, it should be comfortable, flexible, and breathable. While you want to stay warm, you also want to be sure you can break a sweat without getting overheated. 

When it comes to skateboarding and fashion, skateboarders love diversity, durability, and comfort. We've got a wide assortment of skate-style clothing that is functional, refined, and will never let you down — even when you're shredding hard.

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