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Finding the right t-shirt size can be difficult. And, because there is no universal system for finding the right t-shirt size, many brands have subtly different measurements that can make a big difference when you are trying to look your best. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help ensure that you always end up with the right t-shirt size.

Why Clothing Size Matters

Deciding what to wear for the day is deciding how you will present yourself for the day. When it comes to looking good, it’s not the amount of money you spend that matters most, but rather how your clothes fit—that’s what makes the difference between looking sloppy versus attractive and super fly. Before talking more about the size, you should know that not all sizes are created equal. A medium size in one brand may be smaller or larger than a medium size from another brand. That’s why it’s so important to read the size charts that individual brands provide. Take the time to read the guide or chart and even take your measurements before buying to avoid the hassle of returning them for not fitting right.

In terms of other clothing-fit-problems, here are some of the most common:

  • Sleeves that are too long or too short. Your sleeves should end at your wrist. Obviously, this does not impact having the right t-shirt size, but it’s something to keep in mind when you are looking at other shirt styles like dress shirts or jackets.
  • Busted or stretched buttons are another common problem. If the buttons on your shirt are stretched out around your stomach or chest, you may need to go up a size.

If you have some or all of these t-shirt sizing problems, it may have nothing to do with your weight, as over 50% of customers have reported having a difficult time figuring out their correct size when ordering clothing online. A large portion of this percentage, though, can likely be explained by the fact that less than 5% of those who order their clothes online have taken the time to record their measurements. For some, this may make sense. If you are a large, medium, small, or otherwise and have rarely if ever had sizing problems, then you probably don’t need to worry about manually taking your measurements. However, if you are an in-between size and regularly struggle to pick the right t-shirt size, then it’s probably worth taking a minute or two to measure yourself before making your next t-shirt orders. Why? Because you can cross-reference your measurements with a size chart that will tell you what the different sizes are. For example, if your chest measurement is 38-40 inches, you should probably go with a ‘Medium,’ or if it is 42-44, you can go with an XL based on the size guide.


How to Take Clothing Measurements

Finding the right t-shirt size can make a huge difference when you are choosing you are online shopping or in-person. As mentioned, you can do this in part by manually taking your own measurements. But even before you do that, you want to make sure that you assume the right posture. Many people make the mistake of taking their own measurements while they are sucking in their stomachs or puffing out their chests or, in some other way altering how they normally stand and move. This is a mistake. When you take your measurements, just relax and stand the way you normally stand. That’s it!

Measuring Your Chest

When you measure your chest, you should measure at the widest possible part. This is usually just a bit above the nipple-line. Remember, if you want an accurate reading: Don’t puff out and don’t suck in.

Measure the Narrowest Part of Your Waist

Once again keep your body relaxed and do not suck your gut in. Wrap the measuring tape around your waist; keep it loose enough so that you can still breathe.

T-shirt Style Tips and More

Now that you know how to measure your t-shirt size, it’s time for the fun stuff! There are many styles of clothes that are known for their longevity, but on the other side of the spectrum there are many styles of clothing that are known to simply make a statement. Jeans, for example, in many cases, get better with age. There are many styles of jeans that actually go out of their way to appear older and worn. This has to do with just pure looks and also the fact that jeans are traditionally a work pant. In other words, jeans were once designed to be shiny and new, whereas now they are supposed to be scuffed and rugged. Whichever style you choose is up to you!

If you choose a high-quality t-shirt that is made from great materials, then there is no reason it can’t last you just as long as your favorite pair of jeans.

What Should You Wear With Your T-Shirt?

The t-shirt is one of if not the most versatile garment in a persons closet. There are so many ways that you can wear a t-shirt that can bring it from casual to formal to just flat-out comfortable.

Wearing Jeans with Your T-Shirt

The classic look is jeans and a t-shirt. Whether you go with something minimal like a cotton t-shirt, or something with a bit more color, like a graphic t-shirt, jeans are an especially versatile pant to wear with your t-shirt.

Blue jeans go well with many different colors of shirts, including graphic tees with a relaxed fit or even a different neckline. One of the main color-pattern rules you want to remember is that there should usually be at least some contrast between the color of your pants and the color of your t-shirt. What this means is that if your pants are black, your t-shirt should probably be a lighter color. We say “probably” because, in fashion, there are always exceptions, and sometimes going black-on-black or white-on-white, or whatever color else can look good. But, as a general rule, remember that at least a little bit of contrast is usually a good thing.

Wearing Joggers with a T-Shirt

T-Shirts and joggers may be great for the gym or other casual setting, but thanks to the athleisure wear trend, it’s becoming more acceptable to wear joggers in a more formal setting as well- If styled correctly. 

A great way to do this is by pairing your favorite joggers with your favorite t-shirt, but take it up a notch by tucking in the t-shirt and finish off the look with a blazar. Another idea is choosing your favorite t-shirt and joggers, but accessorizing the look with your favorite sneakers, heels, statement necklace.

Can You Wear a T-shirt Under a Blazer?

One of the eternal fashion questions is whether or not you can wear a t-shirt under a blazer or suit jacket. The short answer is yes, but it has to be done properly.

The first mistake many people make when thinking about fashion is that they fail to consider the setting. While one outfit may look perfect in a certain environment, the same one may make you appear too sloppy or dissolved in another. The point is that you need to dress for the occasion. In some cases, this means you will have to do without the t-shirt and instead of wearing something a bit more formal. Or does it? There are actually several ways that you can make t-shirts more formal and add an edge to the boring staples of sports jackets worn over button-down shirts. For example, many light t-shirts look great under darker blazers or jackets. You can wear a white t-shirt under a grey, dark blue, or black jacket. While this can look great, you should note that on the most formal of occasions, you should probably want to go with a dress shirt. The point is that if you think about t-shirts creatively, there is no reason they can’t fit into just about every possible wardrobe!