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Partnered Streamers

At INTO THE AM, we constantly strive to fuel your passion for gaming and creating new, original content.

For our top partnered creators, we’ve helped create custom gaming merchandise so streamers and fans alike can show their support. We’ve partnered with content creators, both big and small, to spread the word about our handcrafted apparel. Once you partner up with us, you’ll receive a 10% discount code for your fans to use. You earn commission on every sale made with your discount code. You can track your total sales in real-time and can expect to be paid every month. Once you join the INTO THE AM Creator Program, you’ll become part of a community of streamers and can collaborate on our Discord server.

Once you prove yourself as a top streamer, we’ll create branded merchandise for free! You’ll have your very own collection of custom gaming merchandise. Both you and your followers can rock your very own custom gamer tees, hoodies, and throw blankets.

Because we care about our streamers’ success, our contracts allow you to promote as many different companies you want. Click here to register.