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Whether you love planets, stars, far out galaxies, or all of the above, being a space lover is a personality trait. To show off your love and admiration for the infinite and astonishing aspects of outer space, space shirts are a great addition to any wardrobe. 

But when it comes to all things outer space, space and galaxy shirts have to be particularly impressive. They have to highlight the intricacies of a world that is both awesome and unconquered. They have to show the energy, color, and feel of a larger-than-life concept. They have to be captivating on every level. 

Here are some of our favorite space t shirts, astronaut shirts, and galaxy print clothing that will add the perfect amount of space and flair to your look. 

The Abyss Shirt

When it comes to space clothing, the Abyss shirt is the cream of the crop. This astronaut t shirt features a falling astronaut amidst colors that highlight the deepness of outer space. Outerspace is nothing less than an abyss of the unknown, and yet it’s still a place where people find out who they truly are. This Abyss shirt is the perfect space shirt for any space lover. 

space shirt galaxy t shirt

The Overflow Shirt

Color is the name of the game with the Overflow Tee. When it comes to space clothes, this space themed shirt is full of color and life. Featuring melting planets, this cosmic tee shows what space is all about with uninhibited creativity and possibilities. The Overflow shirt is a must-have for space lovers everywhere. 

space shirt galaxy t shirt

The Natural Order Shirt

Space-themed shirts should be vibrant and lively — exactly what the Natural Order Tee is all about. With green plants and foliage surrounding an astronaut in space, this space shirt highlights that outer space is about what other life is out there. It’s only “natural” for space lovers to add this galaxy tee to their collections.


space shirt galaxy t shirt

The Electric Desert Shirt

Space is electric — and this Electric Desert space Tee embodies this very concept. With a glow-in-the-dark graphic of an astronaut in a desert, this colorful astronaut shirt is intriguing and playful. This unique galaxy tee is the perfect way to show off your love for outer space. 

space shirt galaxy t shirt

The Lunar Harvest Shirt

Also a glow-in-the-dark tee, the Lunar Harvest Tee features an astronaut on a crescent moon. Full of life and color, this astronaut tee is the perfect conversation starter for any space lover. With a unique graphic and plenty of color, this tee is perfect for any occasion. 

space shirt galaxy t shirt

Show Off Your Love For Space

Your clothing should reflect what you love and who you are. If you’re a space lover, these space t-shirts will bring your wardrobe to the next level. Combining comfort and style, these galaxy tees will not disappoint.

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