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Check out our exclusive INTO THE AM Zox Straps Wristbands.

Zox Straps are ultra-soft elastic wristbands that are the perfect accessory to make your outfit really pop. If you love collecting things, then these collectible wristbands are meant for you. Each Zox bracelet is individually numbered, never reproduced, and extremely limited. They are super comfortable and can survive years of wear and tear. Don't miss out on these ultra-rare Zox straps.

Our Zox bands feature our most popular high-definition galaxy prints. Add a splash of color to your outfit with the super vibrant space designs. If you're already part of the Zox fam, then these are great additions to your collection. Even if you haven't had a Zox wristband before, these also make for the perfect straps to start with! Take your look to the next frontier and get lost in space with our galactic Zox straps.